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About Dina

About Dina


Dina Ajlenberg is a Motivational Speaker, Educator and Physiotherapist. She was affiliated with the Dorothy Madgett Clinic, and its approach, for 16 years. Dina ran its Stress Management programme during its last 3 years of operation and was responsible for all the programme material and structure.

With a soothing and quiet voice she conducts meditation/visualization sessions that invoke the relaxation response within the participants.

Dina understands that muscular tension is the body's expression of stress/tension. Relaxation is an opportunity to gain internal awareness of the sensations, whether physical or emotional, and to expand the experience towards mental awareness.

Since at times it is not easy to just force oneself to sit and relax or meditate, Dina found another wonderful vehicle to gain peace and tranquility. She discovered T'ai Chi Chih in 2000 and became an accredited Instructor (visit

Dina is also known for her successful "Humour is the best Medicine" concept as a way to release  stress.  This was documented on TV.

She offers workshops to various businesses and corporations.

Dina is very pleased and proud to be joining forces with Dr. Sandra Romano Anthony (who she taught at Dorothy Madgett).

To book an appointment, please e-mail: or telephone: 416-360-0625



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