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Regular Exercise
Once a week we will put an item from a reputable scientific source here.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

    • Reduces your risk of getting heart disease.
    • Reduces your chances of dying from heart disease - if you already have it.
    • Lowers your risk of developing high blood pressure – the silent killer.
    • Lowers your risk of developing diabetes.
    • Reduces your risk of getting breast, colon and prostate cancer (other types of cancer too).
    • Elevates your mood – eliminates depression and negative thoughts.
    • Sharpens your brain – improves your memory, learning and other cognitive skills.
    • Reduces stress.
    • Keeps your bones strong and joints healthy.
    • Helps you maintain a healthy weight.
    • Helps you to stop smoking.
    • Reduces dependence on alcohol.
    • Improves sleep – helps you fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer.
    • Helps you maintain balance – reduce your risk of falling.
    • Improves posture and adds a nice glow to your skin.
    • Improves your sex life – enhances sexual arousal.
    • Helps you maintain your independence well into your December years.
    • Keeps you younger longer!
    • Think of an activity that you love and can do everyday – for at least 30 consecutive minutes – yes, everyday (with the blessing of your family physician, of course) – and start NOW!

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