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How stressed are you?


Are you one of those people who claim to have no stress? Quite frankly, the only time we have no stress is when we are dead.

Review the list of life events below, write down the score of every one that applies to you, then tally the numbers to determine your chance of developing stress-related illness.


Life Events
 Death of spouse
 Marital separation from mate
 Detention in jail, other institution
 Death of a close family member
 Major personal injury or illness
 Fired from work
 Marital reconciliation
 Major change in the health or behaviour of a family member
 Sexual difficulties
 Gaining a new family member  (e.g., through birth, adoption, senior moving in, etc.)
 Major business re-adjustment   (e.g., merger, reorganisation, bankruptcy)
 Major change in financial status
 Death of close friend
 Change to different line of work
 Major change in the number of arguments with spouse
 Taking out a mortgage or loan for a major purchase
 Foreclosure on a mortgage or loan
 Major change in responsibilities at work
 Son or daughter leaving home  (e.g., marriage, attending college)
 Trouble with in-laws
 Outstanding personal achievement
 Spouse beginning or ceasing to work outside the home
 Beginning or ceasing formal schooling
 Major change in living conditions
 Revision of personal habits (dress, manners, associations, etc.)
 Trouble with boss
 Major change in working hours or conditions
 Change in residence
 Change to a new school
 Major change in usual type and/or amount of recreation
 Major change in church activities (a lot more or less than usual)
 Major change in social activities  (clubs, dancing, movies, visiting)
 Taking out a mortgage or loan for a lesser purchase (e.g., for a car, TV, freezer, etc.)
 Major change in sleeping habits
 Major change in the number of family get-togethers
 Major change in eating habits
Christmas season
 Minor violations of the law   (e.g., traffic tickets, etc. )



            Fewer than 150 life change units = 30% chance of developing
a stress-related illness

            150 - 299 life change units

= 50% chance of illness
            Over 300 life change units = 80% chance of illness


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