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What Do People Say?

What do workshop participants and clients say about:

Dr. San?


"Enthusiastic! Dr. San provided many useful pieces of information  The combination of lecture and fully answering questions from the class works well."

"Sandra's knowledge is excellent!  A very bubbly personality - pleasant and eager to answer questions".

“Entertaining and educational! This workshop was too short. We must invite her back.”

"I really enjoyed the course  There was a lot of material to cover and the time was too short. This course, and Dr. San's knowledge, have sparked an interest for me to return to U of T to study."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  Dr. San helped me to clear up lots of things - to make it more understandable.  She was very good at answering all questions in a very informative manner".

“Dr. San was a most informative person on the topic.  A very pleasant personality and very thorough - all in expressing her ideas. I enjoyed this workshop very much.” 

“Dr.San was pleasant, cheerful, articulate and managed a class with diverse backgrounds and quirks quite well. She was open to questions and comments.  I really enjoy her teaching style.”

"I was impressed at the depth of Dr. San's knowledge. She has an excellent understanding of the subject matter and managed to communicate complex concepts clearly and simply.  I also liked that her seminars are interactive - there were many opportunities to ask questions and participate in discussions. She responded to questions and comments positively and enthusiastically."

“Dr. San’s stress management workshop took away my pain”.

"It is amazing to realize how much one person has  changed so much of my life."

"Thank you for making the relaxation and seminars sessions enjoyable and educating.  I have learned a lot and though I'm unable to continue with you here at the centre I'll take my valuable lessons and use my newly acquired skills for betterment fullfillment. Thank you."

"Thank you Dina for all your exellent care."

"Dear Dina, Thank you so much for a truly  wonderful and useful set of classes. I have learned a lot and, even better, re-ordered my priorities and improved my health, both mental and physical. I expect the teaching to continue to be useful far into the future. Thanks and best wishes."

"Dina is GREAT! Her relaxation sessions are amazing, and the classes are also very useful and informative. I just wanted you to know she is great."

"You have helped me change my life bringing forth  hope. You have and continue to teach me to let of the chains which once bound me.  I'm so thankful.  Without your insight and care I don't know maybe I wouldn't have found out that I had options.You make me smile, you have helped me  to find meaning I thought I had lost."

"I can't tell you how much your classes have helped me. I learnt so much and wanted to thank you for the huge difference it's already made for me."

"I have deeply appreciated knowing you. You are an inspiration. I hope I keep the positive influence you've sparked in me for very long time."






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